No one disputes the science behind Mother Nature’s growth process.

by Shideh Sedgh Bina

No one disputes the science behind Mother Nature’s growth process. For plant life to flourish, the necessity of sunlight, water, and nutrients can’t be argued.

So why would we go about enterprise growth with any less certainty? After all, we have conducted thorough research to unearth the factors that lead companies to not just survive, but thrive. These prerequisites to growth can then be incorporated at every level.

Take corporate culture, for instance. Some may think that culture is too intangible to be molded. Yet our research, described in this issue, outlines nine specific facets of corporate culture and how they must be oriented for abundant growth. This, in turn, provides a clear road map for executives.

The same can be said for leadership. When executives fight inhibitory factors such as corporate myopia, and embrace risk and creative processes, growth through innovation is around the corner.

A quick glance at Fortune 500 companies reveals some truly exemplary case studies in growth, such as that of Cardinal Health, which ranks No. 22 on the esteemed list. Our in-depth interview with our cover subject, Donald Casey Jr., the CEO of the company’s medical segment, reveals how Cardinal Health has positioned itself for expansion during a time of unprecedented change in the healthcare industry. In many ways, Casey’s approach has taken into consideration the 10 disruptive forces in healthcare we identify in this issue, and Cardinal Health is now excelling into the future.

Even when an organization is riddled with apathy, suffering from dwindling profits, and facing a seemingly inevitable demise — we’ve found a fertile breeding ground for opportunity. We visit with turnaround expert and Arcadis U.S. CEO John Jastrem, who outlines what to do when it seems like the enterprise is out of options.

The truth is that, given the right tools and information, any company can take decisive action that will lead to expansion. And in that vein, I present our spring 2015 issue, which considers the many sides of corporate growth from multiple perspectives. Dramatic growth only appears to be just out of reach, and here at Insigniam, we eagerly look forward to partnering with you in the journey to achieve new corporate goals.

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Shideh Sedgh Bina