We are at an inflection point. The pandemic has taught us many things, changed the landscape of the office, and altered our perception of what work looks like. Now, as a “new normal” takes shape, much of the working world has a decision to make; embrace the hybrid work life, or resist. (I recommend the former)

But where do I start? What do I look for? How can I make my hybrid working practices as sound as my in-office working practices were before the pandemic? Arianne Cohen gave out a few tips in Bloomberg Businessweek in 2021. Some are straightforward (embrace virtual) but others might have you rethinking your workspace. Check out some of those below.

Ditch Notebooks

Paper is heavy. Paper can be messy and hard to organize. The truth is, with so much work taking place virtually, paper offers a perfect avenue to duplication of work and effort. Take great notes during a meeting and want to share them with your team? Now you need to transcribe them. Starting your work from the collaboration point might be a great way to reduce your time doing double work.

Duplicate or Not

Much conversation has swirled around duplicating an in-office setup at home. Some executives did so to “slip into work mode more quickly” as one CEO shared in Ms. Cohen’s article. You might start by asking yourself “what about my space in the office had me be successful?” You will be reminded of the bells and whistles of that office, allowing you to duplicate them at home to inspire similar motivation.

Lights, Camera, Action

Ms. Cohen asserts in her article that there is a difference between the in-home tech glitch and the in-conference room tech glitch. The latter is shrugged off as an old or faulty piece of hardware in conference room 32-B. The in-home tech breakdown could signal unprofessionalism to your colleagues or clients.

Invest some time in making sure your space has adequate light, your background is professional, and your audio is crystal. A simple USB light can do wonders for your appearance. I know first hand.

Hybrid work, while intimidating to many at first, might just become that new normal everyone is talking about. Taking some steps at the outset to set yourself up for success is exactly what might take the edge off of your transition.

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