It has been said that the ultimate goal of any leaders should be to make themselves redundant. The key to doing so, I assert, is by engaging and retaining outstanding people. Without the talent available, there is no opportunity to develop them. Pretty straightforward.

Leaders who are able to do so choose their new talent carefully and focus on two core values within the organization. They value and create a shared sense of ownership of the organization and drive toward an inspiring future vision and future for the organization. They deeply value their people. Not simply as a means to an end, but as the heart of their work.

Recent research has shown that employees who are most engaged and inspired seem to be influenced by a boss who engenders a sense of possibility about the future.

Consider this research below:

  • Gallup found that of those employees who were most engaged, a full 69% said they had a boss who made them feel hopeful about the future.
  • 89% of bosses think employees leave because of money, while only 12% actually do leave for that reason.

Other studies have shown that people need more than a paycheck to feel satisfied at work.

So, what is the formula? Is there one? 

Here are some actions you can take to strengthen engagement with your people and elevate retention.

  • Communicate with all employees to consistently provide a sense of purpose, so that people feel connected to an uplifting designed future. By keeping an inspiring possibility in front of your organization, they know where they’re going and what impact their actions have on the organization.
  • Actively acknowledge and appreciate the contributions and progress from around the organization, large and small. Do this publicly, authentically, and regularly. Finding opportunities for people to appreciate each other.
  • Coaching is perhaps the most effective way to retain talent. When they are interested in receiving coaching from you, giving that 1:1 time with someone is sometimes exactly what will make the difference.

Such transformational leadership is a dynamic, creative pursuit. Listening to your organization and bringing what is missing and needed will be your keys to success. What ways of engaging people in a new vision and valuing them have you seen produce breakthroughs in performance?

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