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The Ticker: Food Fight

Platform-to-consumer delivery services turn up the heat on traditional restaurants.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

Profiles in Disruptive Leadership

Today, leaders are expected to cut a new path in the marketplace for their organization, to disrupt business as usual.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

What is Your Appetite For Risk?

Having a disruptive leader isn’t enough. For successful and effective change, the board needs to be willing to take a chance and potentially lose now in order to gain later.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

How to Lead Disruptively

When aligning a clear strategy, accountability and communication are keys to success.   Read More

The Ticker: Leapfrogging Into Disruptive Leadership

Disruptive leadership requires leaders to fundamentally disrupt the mindset that has often led to success thus far.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

By the Numbers: Disruptive Leadership

Industry analysts said Henry Ford was crazy to drop the price of his Model T, but profits went from $3 million in 1909 to $25 million in 1914.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

Disruptive Leadership Is Not a Solo Act

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu says that in a changing world disruptive leadership is what will take Solvay to the next level.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance

Harnessing the Power of Cooperation

Simon Sinek introduced the Golden Circle. He suggested we Start With Why. Now, with a new book coming in January, he looks at how we can create an environment where people thrive.   Read More

Survival at the Tipping Point

Cone Health embarked on a total cultural transformation. The goal: Put patients and providers first and compete on performance — on how well patients do under their care — on a national basis.   Read More