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Breakthrough Performance

Healthcare Leaders, Our Time Is Now to Transform Healthcare

With so many dramatic shifts happening across the healthcare landscape, now is the time for innovation. This is our moment to transform healthcare.   Read More

Defining Success

When Horst Rittel and Melvin M. Webber coined the concept of wicked problems in 1973, they were largely talking about policy issues — however they might as well have been referring to modern healthcare.   Read More

Breakthrough Performance


Consumer industries have long known the secret to capturing and retaining customers: offer the best products and services for the price.   Read More

Survival at the Tipping Point

Cone Health embarked on a total cultural transformation. The goal: Put patients and providers first and compete on performance — on how well patients do under their care — on a national basis.   Read More

Leading Through Uncertainty: A Look at Health Care Innovation

Healthcare executive teams must reshape their world and build new facilities amidst evolving affordable healthcare regulations.   Read More